Saturday, April 25, 2009


You might be wondering what these two pictures have in common. Ok, maybe, especially if you ever lost a tooth or known someone who's lost a tooth. We are all very familiar with the ol' dental floss tied to your tooth and a doorknob trick, but this time was not that well planned. See, Tanner has this really bad habit of coming in my room while I'm getting dressed and this morning was no different. So I kindly asked him to leave my room and I'd be out in a minute. This he did and while waiting for me, decided to have his mouth on the door handle. I'm not real sure where that brilliant idea came from, but whatever. So, when I was done, I turned the handle to open my door and when I came out, Tanner jumped up from picking his tooth up off the floor and stated, "My tooth came out!" He then told me how he had his mouth on the handle so when I turned it, it was just enough to knock his tooth out. Mind you, we've had to tell him to keep wiggling it because he won't let Tyson even get near his mouth! For that reason see here. In any event, we will have another visit from the tooth fairy tonight. Oh how exciting!!