Sunday, May 31, 2009

An explanation

I know at least one person has noticed the change of the blog title. Well, here is my explanation...
Tyson has a few work associates that somehow found our blog. I don't know if they found it or Tyson brought them to it, but Doug, his General Manager and Carrie, one of the Sales Managers, started teasing him about the title. "All Because Two People Fell in Love." Well, Tyson started teasing me about it and giving me a hard time, so to appease him, I changed it, because Doug and Carrie make fun of him. And that is why its, "All Because Doug and Carrie make fun of Tyson..."

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Speak the language of Mayan

This afternoon, we were driving home from the D.I. by way of 9400 S. in Sandy and came upon the Jordan Commons theater, also known as The Mayan. We started talking about eating there, and asked the kids if they remembered going there. Tanner then asked if we could speak the language of the Mayan. I guess I must have been in one of those weird moods, because that made me start laughing. Just the way he asked it. Tyson then told the he could. He then proceeded to speak the language of Mayan. He made a few sounds, yung ne now na, then followed it with a couple clicks of the tongue. Both Tanner and Tyler were amazed and asked what he just said. I think he told them he just said "Dad". So they both tried their tongues at this new language by repeating what he said. Every phrase ended with a few clicks of the tongue. This went on for a few minutes, with me just laughing in the front seat. I was crying I was laughing so hard! I'm sure the cars next to us thought something was seriously wrong with me. After a few tries at copying what he was saying, they both started attempting to say words in Mayan. Tyler asked what she just said, to which Tyson replied some phrase, then Tanner would do the same thing. After a couple tries, Tanner said something and Tyson said "Tanner, you shouldn't speak like that!" They were having a good time learning to speak the language of Mayan!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

To mY bEst FriEnD!

I know this is really cheesy, but I'm in a cheesy mood...sorry, you're the one who clicked to read my blog. :) I know I've written a post saying how much I love Tyson and how he's changed my life, but I heard this song on the AT&T commercial and just had to find it. Tyson is the best father, provider and husband I could ask for. There are days he'll come home and I'm going crazy but he'll just take over and get everybody to follow him to the backyard, or they'll play a game while I finish dinner. He understands my obsessive compulsive issues and just rolls with the punches. I find myself wondering how I was so lucky to find him.
So, to the best friend I've ever had, and to the many years we have to learn and grow together, I love you!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Tyler!

I can't believe six years ago Tyler made her debut! Looking back at the two hour labor and delivery, I should have known at that moment the personality we were going to see grow. She is such a strong personality! She's says what's on her mind, and while sometimes it might be very hard to understand or hear her, she lets you know what she thinks. This morning, we woke her up and sang "Happy Birthday!" while taking her breakfast in bed, which ended up being eaten at the table with everyone else. We got her a bike and two other presents to open. One was from Jake, the other from Tanner. When she was done opening them, she asked where her present from Jefferson was. We told her he gave her the helmet! Then, later, we were talking about going down to my parents for dinner and told her there wouldn't be any presents, because grandma is taking her out tomorrow for her birthday. She didn't skip a beat and very matter of factly said, "What about grandpa's present?" Really? Like you really need anymore presents! Well, Grandpa found a light up princess clock and that will be decorating a wall in her bedroom. Thank you grandpa!
Saturday, we had a Princess birthday party to top all princess birthday parties! I saw a few ideas online and put together my own agenda for her birthday party. And thanks to Michael's Arts and Crafts, was able to pull it off! I went into the store looking for things to put together princess wands and foam crowns. The lady at the store took me right to the foam isle and showed me pre-made wands and glittery pink crowns. I went a little crazy on decorations for them, but the girls had fun. And thanks to Aunt Carli, she had the perfect barbie princess cake! Barbies hair was a little singed from the candles, but nothing too big. I have to say, throwing a princess party for Tyler was MUCH different than throwing a pirate party for Tanner. Girls and boys are just so different! Here are a few pictures of the big day!
Opening her littlest petshop journal from Tanner.
Sunday morning with her new bike! Thanks dad for staying up so late to put it together!
Tyler's barbie princess cake.
Decorating our princess crowns and wands. I forgot to get my camera our while they were decorating the wands. I know you can't see the amount of glitter paint on the wands, but the one with all the red in the middle, the little girl went cRaZy with the glitter pen, we finally had to tell her she was finished.

Just to add to my statement at the beginning of this post, Tyler's full labor and delivery was two hours, start to finish. When she was ready to come, there was no stopping her! She's kind of stuck to that theme. When she's ready, she'll do it, and there's no stopping her. She is her daddy's princess and has him wrapped around her pinky finger. She loves being the only girl, but at the same time, wouldn't have complained if she would have ended up with a little sister. She's always been a big help. She loves helping with her little brothers and many times during the day, I'll have to look for her because she'll sneak away into her room to play with her girl toys. She'll have them spread all over her bed, playing her own little world, with some of them sleeping, or going to school.
I'm so glad her and Tanner are best of friends. I love when the two of them are having such a fun time playing that they keep making each other laugh.
While there are some things we have issues with, like brushing her teeth, or trying not to throw a fit if she doesn't win at a game, I'm glad she's my little girl. Love ya Tyler!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sick and Tired!

Its been a rough few days around the Lybbert household. Jefferson started out with a little tummy flu on Wednesday. He took a good chunk of a nap, noon-5pm, on Wednesday afternoon. I canceled all my students for the day, not wanting to expose them to anything. Thursday, he woke up feeling better, or at least acting like he felt better. But when everyone woke, it came to our knowledge that Jake had now come down with it. So, here I have sat, two days and a half days in the confines of my own home trying not to go crazy. And now, as Jake is seeming to be on the mend of not being able to keep even the smallest sips of water down, I decided to keep Tyler home from school due to noticable signs of the same bug taking over her body. Anyway, the recurring theme of this little bug, is sleep anywhere. Jefferson never falls asleep anywhere but in his crib. And he was just laying on the floor and fell asleep. Jake decided it was more fun to sleep on Tyson than in his bed without lumps. Last night they both fell asleep on the couch and stayed there the entire night, except the three times Jake woke me up to throw up and the one time he needed to go potty.
Tyler decided the sun felt nice and warm and laid down in Charlies usual sleeping spot. So he decided to join her in her nap.
I just couldn't help but snap the random places they've all chosen to take a rest. Charlie included. He's a most unusual dog. His favorite thing to do in the evening is to join Tyson on the love sack and curl up in the most random positions. Is it normal for dogs to like laying on their back?

I just had to add this video. This is post sick for Jefferson and in recovery for Jake. But they are playing with the fridge letters. Jefferson is adding his own singing to it.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Soooo tired

Jefferson has gotten in a bad habit of nursing to sleep. Not that I don't enjoy him sleeping in my arms, but its never a good thing. So tonight, I fed him and after he finished, brushed his teeth (he actually likes the toothpaste and got mad when I put it away) then when everybody was ready for bed, he went down with everybody else. Unfortunately he didn't stay there long, but once everyone else was asleep, I put him back down. He fussed for about 10 min. and that was it. I went in shortly after to make sure everyone was covered and o.k. only to find Jefferson had fallen asleep folded in half.

He loves to nuzzle his blanket and I guess was tired enough that while sitting, as he folded over to bury his face in it, fell asleep. He's been cutting another tooth, which now makes 7 teeth, so naps haven't been too good this week, which made him extra tired so I knew he was ready for sleep. He's such a fun little guy! I can't believe we are almost to his one year mark! He's now pulling up on furniture and crawling all over the place. Not to jinx him or anything, but I really think he might be the only one to walk before his first birthday.