Friday, May 8, 2009

Sick and Tired!

Its been a rough few days around the Lybbert household. Jefferson started out with a little tummy flu on Wednesday. He took a good chunk of a nap, noon-5pm, on Wednesday afternoon. I canceled all my students for the day, not wanting to expose them to anything. Thursday, he woke up feeling better, or at least acting like he felt better. But when everyone woke, it came to our knowledge that Jake had now come down with it. So, here I have sat, two days and a half days in the confines of my own home trying not to go crazy. And now, as Jake is seeming to be on the mend of not being able to keep even the smallest sips of water down, I decided to keep Tyler home from school due to noticable signs of the same bug taking over her body. Anyway, the recurring theme of this little bug, is sleep anywhere. Jefferson never falls asleep anywhere but in his crib. And he was just laying on the floor and fell asleep. Jake decided it was more fun to sleep on Tyson than in his bed without lumps. Last night they both fell asleep on the couch and stayed there the entire night, except the three times Jake woke me up to throw up and the one time he needed to go potty.
Tyler decided the sun felt nice and warm and laid down in Charlies usual sleeping spot. So he decided to join her in her nap.
I just couldn't help but snap the random places they've all chosen to take a rest. Charlie included. He's a most unusual dog. His favorite thing to do in the evening is to join Tyson on the love sack and curl up in the most random positions. Is it normal for dogs to like laying on their back?

I just had to add this video. This is post sick for Jefferson and in recovery for Jake. But they are playing with the fridge letters. Jefferson is adding his own singing to it.


Carli said...

I want a family! Dang! They are so freaking CUTE!!!

Cori said...

Poor things! I feel for you. It stinks when everyone gets sick.

Jodi and Josh said...

Hope everyone gets feeling better soon!