Saturday, May 23, 2009

Speak the language of Mayan

This afternoon, we were driving home from the D.I. by way of 9400 S. in Sandy and came upon the Jordan Commons theater, also known as The Mayan. We started talking about eating there, and asked the kids if they remembered going there. Tanner then asked if we could speak the language of the Mayan. I guess I must have been in one of those weird moods, because that made me start laughing. Just the way he asked it. Tyson then told the he could. He then proceeded to speak the language of Mayan. He made a few sounds, yung ne now na, then followed it with a couple clicks of the tongue. Both Tanner and Tyler were amazed and asked what he just said. I think he told them he just said "Dad". So they both tried their tongues at this new language by repeating what he said. Every phrase ended with a few clicks of the tongue. This went on for a few minutes, with me just laughing in the front seat. I was crying I was laughing so hard! I'm sure the cars next to us thought something was seriously wrong with me. After a few tries at copying what he was saying, they both started attempting to say words in Mayan. Tyler asked what she just said, to which Tyson replied some phrase, then Tanner would do the same thing. After a couple tries, Tanner said something and Tyson said "Tanner, you shouldn't speak like that!" They were having a good time learning to speak the language of Mayan!


The Tarin Family said...

Hahahaha!! Oh my gosh! I'm totally laughing out loud so hard! I freaking think kids are so funny!! I remember being little and thinking I could speak another language... haha! Maybe that's why I think it is so funny!
PS: What's the deal with your 'header' title??

Missy said...

That is so awesome!! Allison and Eden like to speak Spanish together. I'm sure it is not quite as funny, but it is pretty good :)