Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas slacking

I must admit, I let the holidays get the better of me and they took over my desire to blog. I know that doesn't make sense, because, why wouldn't I want to document all these fun times we're having with our kids growing up...well, I'm a horrible mom and the camera isn't a good friend of mine, and I forget to take pictures, let alone pictures that actually turn out.

I will say though, I did take some good pictures.
A week or two before Christmas, I was headed to bed for the night and was headed towards my kitchen window to close the blinds, when I looked out my window, and was somewhat thrown off when I saw what looked like a man, looking in my window, leaning against my mailbox. Well, as I started to get closer to my window, I saw another man looking from my front step into my kitchen window. Well, these two men, were two different 6 foot fiberglass santa's from who knows where! We still don't know who dropped these huge Christmas decorations off, but rest assured, they will be resurfacing next be warned. People we tell this story to, don't realize really how big these Santa's are until they come to our house and see them in person. Its funny to see everyone's reaction.

Jefferson is getting so cute! He's a very active boy. But when he hits his wall, he hits it fast and hard. He's never really had issues going to bed or at nap time. But one day before Christmas, he must have been really tired. I had fixed the two younger boys lunch then made a phone call. Not even two minutes later, I hung up the phone, and began preparing my lunch as I heard strong, deep breathing. I turned around, and Jefferson was out! He was so cute! His little arms were folded and he just laid his head down on them. I love this little guy!

I was a major slacker, and should probably be shot for not getting any pictures of Christmas! But in my defense, we did take video. The camera is so three years old, that it has MAJOR delays and by the time it actually clicks, the picture moment is gone. So rather than get frustrated, I just didn't take pictures. But I will say, Jake got a "magic bike" as he calls it. Its a little mini battery operated 4-wheeler. Jefferson loves to ride this bike. He's so fascinated by the cause and effect of pushing this little button. I wish I could have gotten the pictures I was hoping for, see excuse above, but I didn't. However, these are the best I got. He is so happy with his "big boy" adventure on Jake's bike.

Anyway, there's our holiday in a very very small nut shell. I promise to be better next year...maybe I'll get a decent camera in the days between now and next Christmas. Haha!