Saturday, May 2, 2009

Soooo tired

Jefferson has gotten in a bad habit of nursing to sleep. Not that I don't enjoy him sleeping in my arms, but its never a good thing. So tonight, I fed him and after he finished, brushed his teeth (he actually likes the toothpaste and got mad when I put it away) then when everybody was ready for bed, he went down with everybody else. Unfortunately he didn't stay there long, but once everyone else was asleep, I put him back down. He fussed for about 10 min. and that was it. I went in shortly after to make sure everyone was covered and o.k. only to find Jefferson had fallen asleep folded in half.

He loves to nuzzle his blanket and I guess was tired enough that while sitting, as he folded over to bury his face in it, fell asleep. He's been cutting another tooth, which now makes 7 teeth, so naps haven't been too good this week, which made him extra tired so I knew he was ready for sleep. He's such a fun little guy! I can't believe we are almost to his one year mark! He's now pulling up on furniture and crawling all over the place. Not to jinx him or anything, but I really think he might be the only one to walk before his first birthday.


The ZamFam said...

He is seriously so adorable!!! More often than not, he has the cutest smile on his face. Sweet baby!

Missy said...

That could not be comfortable! :)