Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Little Update

Its been a few weeks, and a lot has gone on and I realize I am slow to update the blog lately. Not that anyone even cares, but it also somewhat serves as my record keeping. That's pretty sad. I wish I were better at documenting things, but I'm not.
In our household, the kids are quickly learning that March means March Madness, as in NCAA March Madness. This year, Tyson had everyone choose the teams they thought would win each round. After we had all chosen our picks, we put a wager on it. The person who won in the end, got to choose what we all had for dinner. Oddly enough, pretty much after the first round, it was between Jake and myself for the rest of the tournament. Jake chose pizza and root beer, I decided on Chinese food. No one was real excited about it. I won. In any event, the night of the final game, Tyson brought home chicken wings and meatballs from work, (I can't think of anything worse to eat!) and we had a picnic downstairs while we watched the slaughter. About five minutes into the game, my team was already 20 points ahead, and it pretty much stayed that way for the rest of the game. Oh well. This is something Tyson is wanting to really get into every year. It was fun.

Jefferson went through this stage for a while where if you took out your camera, he would just stare at you and nothing you did could get a smile out of him. Well, I think he's discovered that you are supposed to smile when you see this funny thing called a camera and now puts on the biggest cheese grin you'll ever see. Its so cute! He's now crawling like a mad man. Poor kid even fell down the stairs today. Yes, all 12 of them. He got some good little marks on his forehead. It was so cute though, because Jake was bringing all sorts of toys to try and make him happy again. He recovered quick enough, but that isn't to say I wasn't rattled.

The kids have been off track for the last two and a half weeks. We are actually in our third week and have managed fairly well. I would have to say it makes a HUGE difference when the weather is warmer and you can send them out to play every so often.

We have also had someone build our garden box, finally! Every year we get our tax return, we talk about it, but don't do anything with it. Well, this year, I decided that since the kids are going to a traditional schedule and will have the full three months of summer, we are going to grow a garden and pretty up our backyard so my kids don't have to go play in the front yard. Hopefully it works! I'll get pictures once the weather is nice again and I actually have things planted.


s.lloyd said...

That is a tradition that every family should have. It's good to see that you are getting your family priorities straightened out early.