Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Write you a Love Song

I'm trying to get a play list put together on my iPod to run to, so today had my iPod out. I decided to let Tyler listen to it once I figured out how fast the songs were that I was wanting to duplicate speeds on. Can I just tell you how hard it is to think strait when she is sitting right in my ear singing, very off tune if I might add. I think she only has two notes that she sings between. So I decided to pull out the camera and get her "show" on video. Its just about a minute long, but well worth watching...okay, maybe not as good as Tanner's tooth video, but funny still the same. I'm also going to add a video of Jake break dancing. Quite impressive for a two year old! :)


jill said...

I loved how Tyler looked at the camera and was like...what, i'm singing. and i sound good. she is so funny.

And Tanner! That little guy is so cute, and has some serious moves.

Jodi and Josh said...