Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Need to Apologize

Lately, its come to my attention, by myself mostly, that pay back is fair game. I believe that's the saying. But I need to apologize to all the mothers of the boy friends, boy friends being friends that were boys, that I felt I needed to call every day. Or sometimes more often. I'm beginning to see why I felt that most of these friends moms didn't particularly care for me. Mothers can be very protective of their sons. Let me explain. See, Tanner apparently has become rather good friends with a girl from his class...we'll call her Betty. Obviously, that's not really her name, but to protect the innocent, we'll go with Betty. Anyway, Tanner has been asking if he could have Betty over to play and also if he could go play at Betty's. I've been able to put him off on this request because I don't know Betty's mom, and this is one requirement I have...That I know the parents of the kids my kids are playing with, especially if they are going over to their house. Well, Thursday while I was finishing up teaching, the phone rang, I didn't pay any attention to it, because I was teaching. Then I heard a little voice leaving a message. Ten seconds later, the phone rings again. Then again, 30 seconds later, the phone rings again and another message. As soon as I was done teaching, I checked the messages. The first was Betty, saying that her mom was fine if they came over and met his mom and then they could play and to call her back. The second message was Betty again, saying, "Tanner, pick up the phone, I really need to talk to you." After we got those messages, the phone rang again. I spoke with Betty because Tanner was doing his homework, end of story for Thursday.
Well, I guess these two had made plans at school so the two of them could play Friday, because its early day, I don't teach and they don't have homework. She called 9 times, yes, 9 times in 10 minutes! I don't remember the exact series of events, but one of these messages were Betty saying, "I guess you aren't home or something happened, call me." I finally ended up telling Tanner if they got the basement cleaned, we could have Betty over and meet her mom, but they had to play here. But, they only have until 5pm to play, because Tyson and I were going out last night. They finished cleaning the basement at 4:30, called Betty and she didn't answer. Tanner felt bad because Betty wanted to play so bad, so he kept bugging me to keep calling her, which we didn't. I let him call again at 4:45 to leave a message because we didn't the first time. It was a cute message. Anyway, She ended up calling at 5:30, which was too late to play, and Tanner was trying his hardest to get her to understand that they could get together another afternoon. Neither one of them understand that school gets out so late and they have a lot of homework after school, that it just doesn't work any other day but Friday. When they hung up, Tanner said he felt bad because she was sad. A big part of me just isn't that excited to have my son play with a girl. I don't know, call me crazy.
Anyway, I didn't intend for this to be so long, but as I stated above, I need to apologize to all of the mothers of my friends that were boys for being so annoying and persistent in my phone calls to continue friendships after school. And I'm starting to realize why one of my friends moms was so mad that she came to the school to yell at me in elementary school, for playing kissing tag! Mothers are truly, very protective of their boys!


Jodi and Josh said...

Oh no!! It begins!!
Do you have any crazy pictures of Tanner to scare "Betty" off?