Monday, February 9, 2009

I hope Jake forgives me!

I couldn't resist! And I know Jake's going to hate me someday for these, but every kids has to have pictures like this! Jake is slowly becoming potty trained. And by slowly, I mean I'm not doing any pushing and anytime he goes, its because he took himself. He's pretty much "trained" for the messy part of it, but when it comes to wetting, he just couldn't care less about sitting in a wet diaper all day. However, the other day we went to Target and he saw Hulk and Mickey Mouse underwear and was so excited that these guys actually have underwear too! So I told him when he can be a big boy and stay dry and go pee pees in the toilet, we'll get him big boy hulk and mickey mouse underwear. That being said, he's now wanting to use the potty more often, we still have our accidents, but they're only wet ones. He does have Elmo underwear that he wears sometimes, but it still doesn't excite him enough to go in the big boy potty. I just couldn't resist taking a picture, because for some reason, Jake thinks the hole in the underwear is supposed to go in back. He wants the pictures in front, not on his bum. We've had major issues over this. I just love that they totally ride up on his bum, and he doesn't even care! Its pretty funny. Anyway, the pictures are for my sister, and anyone else who wants a good laugh. Oh, and trying to get a picture of a two year old is not an easy task. I'd get him to stand still and a split second later, he'd start shaking his boody, and yes, he says shake boody while he does it.


Heidi Wilcox said...

LOL! That's hilarious that he wants to wear the undies backwards...I've been trying to get Ellie to use the potty, but she just gets so preoccupied when playing and then has an accident and tells me "but I didn't mean to." I'm hoping it will happen before the next baby comes, but it's hard to resist how dang cute they are;)

The Tarin Family said...

Bahaha!! That's so funny! I love it! What a funny little guy!
That reminds me when we were little and Chase finally started wearing undies, and we told him that he's suppose to pee out of the hole! lol! Funny times! Jake will love you for this! haha!

Jodi and Josh said...

Oh my gosh! That is hilarious!!
Great pictures to show potential girlfriends in the future!!

Carrie Ross said...

That is hilarious! I love it! The backwards undies are great!