Friday, August 1, 2008

Four weeks or one month

So technically, Jefferson is four weeks old today, which could translate as month, however, he was born on the 4th, so technically he isn't a month yet. I'm not sure just how to calculate it. Anyway, one month and he's my chuncky monkey!! He loves his food and wants to eat every two hours. It makes it nice to try and do anything because I know in two hours, he's going to want to eat. However, its not so good at night. It makes for long and slow nights! He's already had his first cold. Hazards of older siblings.
Just a few things I've learned in the last month. Jefferson doesn't like baths. He would much rather have a shower, in there, he lays there with his mouth open, tasting the water. He also looks around and takes everything in. He is not a big fan of the blue bulb seringe they give you in the hospital to pick their noses. He cried pretty good with that one a few days ago. Poor thing could hardly breath. He tolerates his tummy time. If I can get him on his tummy with a stomach that's not quite full, but full enough to tide him over, he'll spend some good time there. He's also my gasiest kid. I know he'll appreciate that one when he gets older. He could compete with the biggest guys out there and come out ahead. He's also taken on the Grandpa Stauffer look with a receeding hair line. Poor kid!
We've gotten a few smiles. I know they aren't on purpose, but its sure hard to think that they aren't on purpose when you are talking and playing with him. Tyson is the one who's received the smiles, but they were smiles. Hopefully what I'm trying to post will work and I can put a bunch of pictures on that I took today. Nothing special, just pictures to show how big he's getting. Check out his big belly and double chin. Tanner told his the other day, "He's going to be a fat kid, I can tell." We asked him how he knew that. Because he has all this skin around his neck. Well, nevermind he has no muscles to hold his head up to get rid of the double chin.


Connie said...

It hasn't been that long since I was up there - what? Monday? My goodness he's grown this week. I think he just may be your biggest kid.