Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Random Pictures and hopefully a video

I'm trying to get a couple videos posted of Jake and Tyler dancing, but can't figure out how to get it to load. Oh well, I'll keep trying.

Last Friday, I was cleaning the two bathrooms and Jake decided that the toilet wand I had, looked like a fun thing to play with. He actually kept it in the toilet and got mad when I tried to take it away.

This is Jefferson after his bedtime shower. He's not too happy about getting out of the warm watter, but once I start putting his lotion on, he stops crying. Tyler is going through a fase of asking me if she did things that Jefferson does when she was a baby, or asking me if I put lotion on her when she was a baby. For some reason, she was my only baby that I could tell really didn't like having lotion on after a bath. So, after a few days of her being tense, I stopped putting lotion on her. To this day, she hates lotion or hand soad or anything goopy.
Okay, so maybe this was a little posed on Tyson's part, but when I pulled out the camera, it wasn't. He just woke up when he heard me standing right over him.

YEAH! It worked! So, today Jake started running around in circles, which I think is something he starts to do when he's tired, so Tyler and I started singing ring around the rosies. We did this for probably 20 mintes before he tired of it. And I think he would have kept going, except I pulled out the camera and that ends the cute things the kids are doing. Anyway, watch him fall on his bum...ouch!

This is pretty funny video. And I'm so glad it worked! This is the song Tyler is always singing. She doesn't even know the words to the rest of the song, just the chorus. But watch closely and you'll see her mouth moving to the words of the song.


Connie said...

This little girl was born to dance. You can tell she loves it. She's so cute.

And Jake with the running. Where does he get that energy?!!! I've never heard that second verse before. That's cute.

Heidi Wilcox said...

Sooo cute. It must be a girl thing. Elle loves to dance and sing too. Especially if we aren't paying enough attention to her.