Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The power of words

This picture was not posed. Look closely, they are both laying the same way. I thought that was cute. If only I could get Jake to sleep like that for naps. Sad to say, but I think he is slowly trying to phase them out. He's too young not to take naps!!

Currently, Jakes favorite thing to do, besides staying in his pj's all day, is pulling Jefferson's blanket out of his bed and climbing in. Nevermind he's WAY too big for it. He likes to climb in the swing and lay in the bouncy seat as well.

All of these toys are played with at the same time. They like to play preschool currently. The other day it was hotel. I can't think of what else they play, but the only thing they asked for when Tyson told them he was going on a business trip was toys and stuffed animals. Really, do you think they need any more toys!!

Ok, so the pictures I'm putting on have absolutely nothing to do with this post, but I've been able to get some cute pictures with the camera so I'm adding them whether they relate or not. Anyway, I'm quickly learning that the way to get my two year old to do something, is all in the way I say it. If I tell him to go get dressed, I may as well not have even said anything, because he says no and moves on. Jake is showing us a personality we've never seen with any of the kids before... independence. Well, if I use my requests to his advantage, it works a lot better for me, and I'm finding we are getting more accomplished, just in the way I say it. He has a nerf gun that he likes to shoot at Tanner and Tyler because they scream after he shoots them, then laugh. Well, yesterday was a day I didn't want to fight him to get dressed, so he was in his pajama shirt for a good portion of the day. As I was nursing Jefferson, Jake came up to me and wanted me to load the ball in his gun. So I took this as my opportunity to get him dressed. I told him, "When you are dressed, then I'll load the gun." No sooner did I finish saying that, did he turn around, go in his room and get his clothes. He let me dress him with no fighting at all. I tried it again with something else and got the same result. How nice!! I just need to make sure what he wants, is something that I can follow through with so he doesn't think my words are empty. Hopefully we can make it through this two year old time without too many fights. :)


Connie said...

I'm so impressed. That's a powerful way to get anyone to do just about anything you want - especially kids who (sad to say) need more from you than you do from them. I know. You guys hated it when we said that, but you can see why we said it now. Can't you?

Jess & Jer said...

Jake seriously cracks me up, he is so stinkn' cute.