Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Picture Day

This is what I thought I was brave enough to tackle today. We went and got Jake and Tyler's birthday pictures and Jefferson's birth announcement picture along with a picture of all four of the kids. Holy cow!! I have four kids!!!! It actually wasn't too bad. I tried to get Tyler's and Jake's pictures done before Jefferson was born, but the photographer we had that day was so bad. I seriously think she had Tyler scarred to death. I know she had Jake scarred, because he held onto me for dear life when I tried to put him up on the platform. Anyway, the girl we had today was much better. Not that babies are hard to take pictures of, but Tyler and Jake even had cute pictures. The reason there isn't one of Tanner by himself is because it's not his birthday yet. Hopefully these come across okay. Its legal to put these on, the file came from Kiddie Kandid itself.

After pictures, I was even feeling brave enough to venture into Costco without any body helping me. It actually went really well. I didn't give Jake the option of sitting in the big part of the cart, so I think that helped the situation. He was buckled from the get go. I think I might be able to do this four kid thing.


Melissa said...

Good job! That's tough! I had a hard time with three, I can't even imagine four!!

Jodi said...

You're so on the ball! New pictures an everything!
I'm impressed!