Tuesday, August 5, 2008

First day of School!

Today was Tyler's first day of school. Tanner actually had his first day last week, but mom was too tired and spaced getting a picture, so we'll just add his to today. Everyone was so excited! Even Jake got in on the excitment with his very own Hulk Smash back pack. It was kind of weird having a somewhat quiet house and only two little ones to keep me busy. I forgot what those days were like. I think Jake enjoyed the alone time. I had to teach one lesson this morning at 9am so he got to choose whatever he wanted to watch on television. He was pretty happy about that. It will be nice to be back into some sort of routine. Hopefully that will happen. We're still trying to adjust to a little baby as well.

All three kids on the way to the bus stop.
Waiting for the bus to come.

Getting on the bus.

I also couldn't help but post this last picture. It was too perfect. All four of my boys in the same bed. Obviously Jefferson and Jake aren't asleep, in fact I'm pretty sure the whole thing was a posed picture, but it still makes for a cute picture.


Connie said...

How sweet. These days are gone in a flash. I'm glad you're recording them. I hope it's someplace besides on a blogger. No telling how long-term this is. Probably not at all.

A first day at school is always a biggy. I even remember some of my own - those with pictures, of course.

Jodi said...

I can't believe Tyler is that old!
Man... time is flying by!!

Jess and Jer said...

Cute Pictures! Thats probably nice to be down to 2 in the mornings. I saw the videos you had on her and was laughing so hard at Tyler singing and dancing, that is too funny.

Heidi Wilcox said...

Wow! it's hard to believe you have two kids in school! BTW how did you like the Jordan High school preschool? How much was it? I can't believe that Ellie will be 3 next year. I figure I better start researching now;)

Nichole said...

Hey Camber...I din'tknow you were a blogger! I just saw you were linked to someone elses...so I had to see what you were up to! Your little Jefferson is adorable! That last picture may have been posed...but I don't think Tyson is faking it...he looks exhausted. But we all know who really got up in the night to feed bebe...you of course. Well Camber I'll have to peek in on you every once in awhile. My kids will think it is cool to see your kiddos & what they are up to! I bet Tyler is LOVING school! You look like 4 kiddos hasn't really phased you at all!!!