Sunday, August 17, 2008

Grocery Helps

-k- I added a new link to my "other Bogs" page element. This is awesome!! My sister-in-law created it and she has written up a list of great grocery deals for the week, based off of their weekly adds. the web address is On my side bar, I have it written as Grocery Help. Its a new blog, but each week she's going to choose a different store and put together a shopping list to create meals for the week under $50. You should also check out another link on her page that can connect you to all the info you need to save even more on your grocery list with and without coupons. I attended the same grocery smarts presentation she did and you wouldn't believe how much my food storage has grown!! I found one of my receipts and was looking over it. My total price for that shopping trip was about $46, but my total savings was $110!! Tyson was sceptical at first, but now we'll be with people and somehow the topic will come up and he'll start talking about how great this is. Its fun for the kids too, when we run out of cereal, I'll tell them to go downstairs and go grocery shopping. And this week, my grocery bill was under $60 for the first time since we were first married and I have enough fill in food to make seven meals for the week. I know this isn't making any sense, but its a great program. I even get free stuff! And its not stupid cheap stuff. Last week at Harmons, I got seven bottles of Pert Plus for FREE!! Anyway, you'll have to look at the website and check it out. If its something you're interested in learning more about either contact me and I can get you her number, or I think its on the linked page to the Grocery Smarts website. Its worth a look.


Heidi Wilcox said...

Wow! That sounds like something that I definitely should be doing. I usually spend like $160 per shopping trip for two weeks.

The Olsen's said...

Hi Camber!
So , I totally got your blog off of Facebook! Hope you don't mind! We miss you guys! Click on our name to get our blog! Make sure to add us!

Amber said...

Hi Camber! Cym asked me to add you to my blog. Hope you got the invite. I can't believe how big your kids are getting. Your new little one is so tiny & sweet. Thank goodness for blogs, or I would never be able to keep in touch!

Cori said...

Hey Camber,
I came across your blog from Cymony's. I can't believe you have 4 kids!!!! Crazy!!! They are adorable. How are you guys doing? Hope things are going well!!!