Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our update

I'm still unsure of how to manage this whole blog thing, and since I don't even know how to access this myself, I know at this moment, there is no one even reading these posts, but in case I ever figure out how to share my blog site, I guess I'll post.

Nothing real huge has happened. Tanner will be starting his last week of being a kindergartener tomorrow. I told him that as we were putting them to bed tonight and he started fake crying. I'm not sure how he feels about it really, but I think he's excited to be able to show Tyler the ranks of Kindergarten. He keeps talking about taking her to her class room and all the things she'll do in Mrs. Morgans class. That's Tanner's teacher this year, and will be Tyler's teacher next year. Tanner did ask me the other day, when my water breaks, how will they take a bath at home. I don't think he understands the whole concept of the birthing process, but really, should he? A six year old asking that isn't as bad as an 18 year old not understanding the phrase "When my milk comes in." Thinking the UPS man was supposed to deliver something before I could start breast feeding Tanner. That would have been Cymony. :)

Tyler is done with dance, but that doesn't keep her from dancing. I wish I knew my way around these blogs better so I could post the video that I took the other day. She wants so badly to take gymnastics, but I can't feel good about taking her out of dance because it comes so naturally to her. We'll see what happens. Tyson says to sign her up for gymnastics during the summer. I told him I'm not so sure I want to be dragging four kids, not to mention a brand new baby to gymnastics all summer long. We'll see what happens. She had her birthday three weeks ago and my goodness, five has just not been her happiest year so far. I think I've seen her happy for maybe two hours total since turning five. Aparently Tanner and Jake are our favorite kids and we don't like her. She told me tonight, she wouldn't be so sassy if we weren't so mean. I told her we wouldn't be so mean if she wasn't so sassy. Whatever!!

Jake is just Jake. I think he's beginning to not like the fact that he can't get comfortable while sitting on my lap. He'll get situated, then try and lay his head down on my chest and realize that doesn't feel so nice to have to fold over my huge stomach. He loves Elmo right now. The only pajamas he'll wear are his elmo pajamas. He woke up at 4am this morning wanting to come into bed with us. I wasn't going to have that. I was actually having a second night in a row of good, deep sleep and bringing him into bed, I was afraid would ruin it. Well, I took him back to his bed and told him I needed to lock the gate, because he got out of bed. So I did and after two minutes of him crying, he very happily started repeating dad? Mom? after a few minutes of this, he went back to sleep, but Tyson and I were laying in bed just laughing because he was so happy and it just sounded really cute. I guess its something you have to be there for.

Tyson had to sit in and take phone calls today for the Primary Childrens Telethon. After watching for two hours, I finally gave in a told the kids we could call and make a donation. So we did. Tanner wanted to donate a dollar, but to make it a little bigger, I told him we'd give five dollars. We didn't get to talk to Tyson, but I told the guy that Tyson, their dad was also taking phone calls and that was part of the reason we called as well. So he told me he'd tell him we called. Well, maybe five minutes later, one of the announcers goes up to Tyson with the microphone and starts talking to him telling the viewers and conversing with Tyson that his two kids had broke into their piggy banks to donate. Then asked how old they were, pretty much had a nice little conversation. Carli and Chase were up here watching with us, and Carli and I just sat and laughed. After the newscaster was done speaking with him, you could tell he was going to kill me. Not really, but it was funny to see his reaction, that I'm sure no one else watching caught onto, but knowing his facial expressions it was just funny to watch.

Well, that's about it for now. No baby yet, not that I really want to have him yet, because I know he wouldn't be ready for the world yet. I'm definantly not comfortable anymore. I just feel REALLY huge right now. Although Tyson says he thinks I'm smaller with this one than any of my other kids. I don't feel so small though. Oh well. Hopefully these next five weeks go rather quickly. That would be really nice.


Connie's Grandkids said...

That's great! Even though I've heard it from you, it's fun to read. I'm going to copy it and send it to Grandma - unless you've already done that.

The Tarin Family said...

Thanks for letting everyone know it was me! Haha!
You did good to update! I like it! Blogger is really easy ONCE you learn everything. IT took me a little bit to figure it out, but I also only have one kid to worry about right now and have a little extra time on my hands. Let me know if you need/want any help with making it cute or posting stuff, or adding the links to other blogs.
Love tons!

Connie said...

It looks cute. Keep it up. I send your posts to Grandma. :)