Sunday, June 29, 2008

A day I thought would never come...

And I'm not talking about having the baby. Although, there are days that seem to drag for that as well. But, our kids have always been early birds. Like 6:45, 7am they are up and not even two seconds after getting up, they are asking for cereal. Yes, even Jake. He'll give us his own rendition of the word cereal accompanied by the sign, just in case we get confused. So regardless of what time we went to bed the night before, we are SOL if we wanted to sleep in. Well, this morning, Tyson and I were both laying in bed, not asleep, but certainly not wanting to be up for the day. Our door was open so we were able to hear what was going thinking it was only a matter of seconds that we were going to be jumped on to start our daily routine. Well, Tanner, being our responsible six-year-old, decided that it was his job this morning to get everyone their bowl, pour their choice of cereal and get the milk on it so they could begin eating. He even went as far as to come in our room and ask Tyson if he could choose who got to say the blessing on the food. He called on Jake to say the prayer and proceeded to say one word at a time so Jake could copy what he was saying.

When we did get up, which wasn't long after, they even had some raspberries washed and split between the three of them. It was cute, and nice to see that my kids can take care of things for a few minutes. But with Tanner that comes as no surprise. If he's not here while I'm teaching piano, his absence is definitely noticed. Tyler can't survive without him because apparently she doesn't know how to do anything. Tanner just keeps things in line downstairs while I do teach. I know this will be nice, especially since I'm going to be busy with the baby here in the next few days. Thanks Tanner!!


Connie said...

I've got news for you. The kids slept until about 8:00 today - Sunday. Tanner woke a little earlier. Tyler and Jake slept probably until 8:30. They are such good kids.