Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our night time activities

This is how we get our kids settled down for bedtime. Ha! Ha! And I wonder why it takes so long for them to go to sleep. Actually, I don't wonder, I know. But what am I supposed to do when the kids love their dad so much and they only get at the most two hours a day with him because of when he gets home from work and when they go to bed. So I guess there should be some nights I shouldn't be so uptight about sticking to our actual bed time. They have fun with him and that's what matters. Jake likes having his picture taken and knows when the camera is out. If you turn up your volume and listen closely, you can hear him saying cheese as they are running across the floor. Even if Jake is in the other room, if he hears the chime from the camera being turned on, he'll start saying cheese.


Connie said...

How in the world will Tyson do that with four little ones on his back? That is the cutest thing. Lucky little kids to have such a fun dad.

The Tarin Family said...

Awww... they are so cute! I started to giggle when I heard Jake saying cheeeeeese! What cute little goobers you have! I miss you guys! I hope they remember us when we finally come back... whenever that will be.