Monday, June 23, 2008

Neglectful Mother

OK, so looking at all of my posts, it looks like I favor Jake. I really don't. He's just the only one to still interact with me, so I get more photo ops with him. Plus, he gets into so much trouble its hard not to take pictures of what he's doing. Case in point, one day he came out wearing Tanner's cowboy boots and completely naked. Diaper and all. Looking back at the picture taken as he's walking away, you just can't help but laugh.

Tanner and Tyler are self entertaining and the only time they really need me is at meal time. I know I should be better at not just taking pictures of them, but posting them as well. I actually have never been one to stand behind or in front of a camera, so most of my photo ops are gone by the time I remember to get the camera. I promise I'll get better. Anyway, here are a few pictures of Tyler's graduation and of Tanner, just so no one thinks I favor any one child. :)
Just to explain the ones that might need explaining. Tanner is holding a wooden spoon that Tyson was telling him to stand with, looking as though I had broken it by spanking him with it. It was burned in the dishwasher and when I hit it on the counter, it broke easily because it was already weakened. No, I did not hit my child with it.
The one with Tyson, Tanner and Tyler, is them cooking in the kitchen. Tanner and Tyler had gone up to Tyson's work with him and learned how to cook a yogurt parfait, so now they are professionals in the kitchen and I think were cooking breakfast or something.
The third one is Tyler with her preschool diploma for graduation. She was very excited, despite not feeling well through the whole thing.