Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tyler's tooth

We have a video of Tanner losing one of his teeth, so we figured it was only right for us to put one on of Tyler. She's had teeth pulled before, but they were pulled by the dentist and with numbing medicine. She never ceases to amaze us though. The only sound that was made was just right before the tooth came out! Much different than Tanner's tooth experience, which can be seen here She did the same thing with getting her ears pierced. Tyson and I were geared up for this big over dramatic scream of pain and when it came down to it...nothing. Not even a peep from her. All she said was, "I bet they look pretty." So, here is Tyler getting her first tooth pulled by dad. Oh, and one more thing, she'll probably have the next one out in a couple weeks because its loose as well. The tooth fairy should have rethought her payment structure. At this rate, she's going to have to refinance the house to afford all these teeth coming out!