Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Prayers Needed

I fell like I'm sending out this plea a lot lately. Not so much on my blog, as I don't feel a whole lot of people read this, but certainly on FB. This time is no exception though. My friend who just lost her nine week old baby due to complications from RSV, Whooping cough and pneumonia, yes all three at the same time, had a link to another blog of a family who is in the same boat she was just a couple weeks ago...praying with every fiber of her being to keep her baby boy alive. Every time I read blogs like this, or hear similar stories, I just want to hold my babies that much closer. This one is no exception, as I have a little guy her little boys same age. I seriously want to go get my baby out of bed and just hold him!
Last Saturday, this mom was going about her daily activities and minutes later, one of her older boys found her to tell her that the one-year-old had drowned and he thinks he's dead! If you want to read more, you can find her blog here. Just do me a favor. I know I'm just repeating the words she said on her blog, but hold your babies a little tighter, be a little more patient and know that the little things, are just that, little things. Please pray for this family!!