Saturday, June 13, 2009

where to start!

I haven't updated anything in a while, which now means there is so much to blog about, I don't even know where to start!!
We are now out of school. Tyler's last day was Thursday and Tanner's was Friday. Each of them brought home their report cards for the year. Tyler got mostly four's with a few threes. Tanner got strait fours! They have both made so much progress, I can't even believe it! Each of their teachers gave them nice little notes about the progress they've made and all the things they've learned. We are excited for a long summer and are going to work hard to keep up their academic skills! I've bought workbooks, looked online for spelling tests and Tyson set up a system with them to check books out every day to read. Hopefully we can keep up on things so they don't lose all that they've learned...that's the bad thing with traditional school.

A little while ago, Tyson had a coworker who was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma. Long story short, her family decided to put together a silent auction to raise funds for her treatments. They asked for donations to help out with the auction. Tyson and I talked about it and decided I would make a couple blankets to donate. Well, that conversation was the last time we talked about it. Until this last Wednesday when Tyson called to see if I was still planning on donating some blankets. Sure, that was the plan. Well, the auction was for this Saturday, yes, that's in three days. I hadn't even started the blankets, nor had I been to the fabric store to even get the fabric together for the blankets. Tyson said he'd contribute by watching the kids so I could go get the fabric. I informed him that if these blankets where to be finished and ready for Saturday, the house was going to be neglected...and that it was. This house was the worst its ever been! It wasn't gross dirty, just cluttered with bits and pieces of fabric. That drives me CRAZY!! Anyway, I started cutting Thursday and had most of the fronts put together by Thursday night. I was up until 12:30 doing that. Friday night, I was up until 3am getting the backs put on and the binding half way done and up by 7:30 Saturday morning to get them finished. Now, all this work was not just for two blankets. By the time I got the fabric from the store and went through my fabric at home, I had enough to put five blankets together. Anyway, if that wasn't a long enough explanation. Here are some of the finished products.

Sorry, lots of pictures!

A few Saturdays ago, we decided I told Tyson we had to clean out the other side of the basement. Its just gotten way out of control! Plus I thought maybe cleaning it out would start an itch to start working on the other side...that didn't work, at least not on Tyson. I wouldn't mind finishing the other side of the basement, but I guess its not bad enough to bother Tyson yet. Oh well. Anyway, the kids found the costume box and had a really great time.
Jake was the only one we got a picture of just because the boots were too stinkin cute on him!

Tyler had her school program a few days before school ended. She had a speaking part and did a great job! She's a bit scared to go into 1st grade because she really loved her teacher Mrs. Morgan.

Anyway, there are a lot of pictures but now we are updated on things. I'll try not to wait so long so my posts aren't so long. Tyson's birthday is Monday, so hopefully I'll have some good birthday things to write about. :)


The Tarin Family said...

Okay so those blankets are all so stinkin' cute! You do such an awesome job!
Question for you, the binding that you do with out the ribbon, is that hard? Could you maybe email me instructions?
But the blankers turned out really nice! When do you find out how much they went for? Or do you not find out?

The ZamFam said...

The blankets turned out great!!!! You did an amazing job!! So by the looks of where Ty was sitting, did she have a speaking part on "freedom"????

ben and kristi said...

Hi Camber! I found your blog through the Biggs'. Jake makes me smile. I love the cowboy boots! Check out our blog because I posted a pic of your cute kids with Charlie.

Missy said...

The blankets turned out Awesome!! I can't believe that you got them all done it time. I feel so lucky to have a blanket that you made. Thanks again for Seth's.