Saturday, January 1, 2011


As cool as that date is to write, nothing much happened on this day in our history.

It's a new year with new resolves and new ambitions that will probably hit the wayside a week or two into 2011, but it's a time for a fresh start and to try and be better. Why we choose Jan. 1st to put all this pressure on ourselves, I'll never know, but year after year, we do...I do.

Last week after our main lesson for Family Home Evening, I gave the kids a "teaser" for this upcoming Family Home Evening. I told them that it's a new year, and with that, we make goals, things we can work on or accomplish for the next year. I told them first we have to have a goal, then we need to write it down and next tell others so we can have their help in accomplishing those goals. With that in mind, I'm writing down my goals for 2011 on a blog that no one ever reads, but none the less, is a public place so that I'll at least have them written down, which will get me one step closer to accomplishing them. So if by chance you are the one sad soul that happens to stumble across my blog, don't be afraid to ask me how my goals are coming. I may even try and update more than twice in the year with my progress on them.

1. Compete in a Triathlon without drowning. (Already signed up for Women of Steel, women's only Triathlon, May 21.)

2. Run the Salt Lake City Half Marathon, beating my time from last year and coming in under 2 hours. (I know for some, finishing under 2 hours may be a walk in the park, but I was 56 seconds shy of it last year and it still bugs me!)

3. Keep from yelling at the kids. (please tell me I'm not the only mom that has a hard time with this. And if you don't, please give me some advice...please!!)

4. Eliminate sweets and treats/increase fruits and vegetables. (I did the sweats thing for three weeks once last year. I felt so much better, so I'm trying to bring my family in on this one. I've already told them dessert will be limited to Sundays and or sometimes Mondays after Family Home Evening.)

When setting a goal, one could look at trying to accomplish these things for an entire year is a big bite to take. But, to that I ask, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. I'll work on these things one day at a time, and after those days, find that working on them a week at a time, isn't such a big deal, then a month came pretty quick and before you know it, I'm writing down new resolutions for 2012.

So, here's to working towards a better year, and accomplishing those goals!


connie9548 said...

I almost missed this one. With my new computer, I'm not checking my email as much as I should. Good luck with the goals. I'm proud of you!

Amy said...

I am regular reader...just so you know. So I will be holding you to your resolustions. :)