Friday, November 13, 2009

Wiggly wobbly woo!!

Jefferson is providing a new world of boy. Each of our boys have had different, very different personalities. Nothing bad, just different from the other. And with each boy, we've gradually been introduced to the boyness of life. Tanner was very calm and could be content just sitting and reading books all day. Climbing was not something he even tried. With Jake, he loved to scare and get people and while climbing was something he knew about, it wasn't something he preferred. Jefferson has opened new doors. The other day, he figured out that if he pulled the stove drawer out, he could hold on to the stove handle and stand on the drawer to get a better view. He loves to climb onto the table and do a victory dance showing pure delight in his accomplishment of making it to the top of the table before mom figured out he was up there. He LOVES balls. If we even mention the word he starts looking for the basketball or bouncy ball to bounce throughout the kitchen. He's also been our wiggliest. Church is more like a wrestling match and cuddle time, while it does happen, is short and sweet. Well, tonight, Tyson was trying to get Jefferson's jammies on and the two were working up quite the sweat to get him dressed. Finally, he finished and Jefferson was off to his next destruction project. When shortly after he was dressed, he started making grunting/screaming sounds. He was able to walk over to us in the kitchen, to which we realized his one piece pajamas were on correctly on the top half of his body, but somehow, in his wiggles, they were twisted in the middle and turned so him right leg was in his left legs spot and left leg was in right legs spot. It was actually really funny, but you know the thought going through both Tyson and my heads was the same...he is SO wiggly!!! The three pictures were the best I could get. He was busy trying to get to a bubble sheet to walk all over and pop with the older kids!