Sunday, November 15, 2009

Let's Talk Turkey

My sister-in-law sent me an email with ideas to help us have a more "Thankful" Thanksgiving. Each night, we pull a slip from our Let's Talk Turkey jar and come up with a way to express our thanks for the item we pulled out. Some of these have included being grateful for ears, grandparents, books and the like. Well, the kids know that there are two in the jar that are grateful for sisters and grateful for brothers. So Tanner and Tyler have been telling each other what they're going to do when they pull those slips. Tanner's turn was tonight, and he thinks he knows which tightly rolled up slip is grateful for sisters. Well, as he was trying to pick the specific one, I kept shaking the jar so he would just get the one he grabbed. He wasn't too happy with me for doing that, and didn't hold back in letting me know this. I just had to laugh when I opened the rolled scroll and read, "I am Thankful for my Mom!" Now isn't that just poetic justice! I showed it to Tyson before I read it to the kids and his reaction was the same. Laughter!
Well, my dear sweat little Tyler, took this assignment to heart, and quickly took a pencil to her room to write me a note. (The helpful suggestions on the paper read "Do something nice for mom! Write her a note, good chocolate, cook and clean up dinner, do the laundry, clean any room, etc.) A few minute later, she brought me a folded up piece of paper. I opened it and it read:
Mom I Love yo
I no it is hord.
I Love are famlee.
frum tyler lybbert.
I have to say, it brought tears to my eyes. Being a mom is hard sometimes...a lot of times, but these small little rewards for a hard job, make it just that much more worth it!


connie stauffer said...

That's the sweetest thing. Those are the crumbs that keep us moving. So what did Tanner do?

Cori Henderson said...

That is adorable! So cute! I love stuff like that.