Sunday, October 11, 2009

Miss Nelson is Missing

I'm sure we are all familiar with the book, "Miss Nelson is Missing", but if you aren't, I bet one look at this picture and you'll know the story I'm talking about.

If not, here's a quick summary. Miss Nelson is a teacher and her class is very rude. They don't listen and, you know, the typical school class. Well, one day, the kids show up to school, and Miss Nelson isn't there. For a day or two, the principal substitutes, but quickly realizes these kids are out of control. The next day, Ms. Viola Swamp. Miss Swamp turns out to be every kids worst nightmare. She whips these kids into shape, so much that they won't even sneeze without asking permission first. When Miss Nelson returns, the kids are perfect. They have done a complete turn around in behavior. They are just glad to have their teacher, Miss Nelson, back.

Tanner's class read it this week and had to fill out a story summary form. When he brought it home, I was going through his packet reading the questions he was answering, and his answers. The first questions was, How can you relate to this story. Well, Tanner answered, My mom is like Ms. Swamp. She yells a lot.

Nice! I've never met his teacher, but I'm sure she thinks I'm the worst mom around. Just with some of the times Tanner will call me from school or the way we do our spelling. I'm sure Tanner has helped paint a lovely picture of me for his teacher!