Friday, September 11, 2009

8 Years Old!!

I can't believe Tanner is 8 years old! When did that happen!?
Tanner is such a good kid! He loves to make his younger brothers laugh and he and Tyler play so well together...most of the time. He is such a giving kid and more often than not, ends up being the piece-maker. Today, he received a cute little Thank You note from a little girl in the ward. It said, "Thanks for sitting by me on the bus on my first day of kindergarten. I was glad you sat by me the first time because you held my hand so I wouldn't trip and fall. I was a little nervous with all those kids - -some of them I didn't even know. You're really nice." That's Tanner. He'll go out of his way to make sure everyone is okay and happy.
I didn't get any pictures of his birthday. I know, I'm a bad mom. He woke up and was out of bed before anyone else was up for the day. Which toned down the celebration in the morning. He got a new bike, and not a moment too soon! His old bike he got when he turned 3! And he's long out grown it. We'll get a couple other gifts to give him on Sunday for out family celebration as well. He also got a couple of screw drivers from Grandma and Grandpa Lybbert and a birthday card with $2.00 from Grandma and Grandpa Bishop (great grandparents on the Lybbert side) and a card from Grandma Great.
Happy Birthday Tanner, we love you and are so glad we get to see you learn and grow!


Connie said...

That first picture is rather spooky. He looks a lot older and really scary looking. Cute picture. All of them are cute. I can't believe he's 8 either. The time just whizzed past.