Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Money Man

I have never been so excited and waited so patiently for a magazine subscription to arrive!! Even back in my high school days of Teen magazine and whatever other magazines that appeal to those awkward teenage years. And just for my OCD friends, yes, I would organize them on my night stand by publish date and size of magazine. But, today, my favorite magazine of all time arrived, FamilyFun Magazine. I get this magazine in hopes that my children's claim that our family is not fun, will in fact, be something of the past...we're still working on that. This months issues did not disappoint. I've been really struggling to get my kids to work and be motivated to do anything because, according to them, I never let them do anything fun, I never let them play, I always make them be my slaves so I can sit on my computer all day. Those are their thoughts. Isn't it funny how the kids make the same claims that the parents make. I swear I feel like I'm the one that does all the work, and to avoid the complaints that come when I do ask them to do anything, I let them continue playing so I can have my piece and quiet. In any event, there was this great idea for the kids to earn dad dollars to spend at the mom market. I'm hoping that they will see the money as an opportunity to buy things that they really want and would like, while not using real money, but still teaching them the value of a dollar. I can hardly wait! But here is our money man and our dollar bill! So excited!! If you'd like to do the same thing, with any face, you can go here.

I call this picture of Tyson his Bronco Mendenhall face.


Heidi Wilcox said...

This is awesome! Mike and I were just talking about doing something similar with chores and Ellie. It was good to see you the other day!

Amber said...

I love Family Fun Magazine, I look forward to my copy every month also! My parents did something similar growing up and we loved it. We all had money with our faces on it and we would earn "money" for doing our chores and each month they would do a store full of toys, candy, clothes, etc... that we could by using the money we earned. Or if we saved enough money we could go on an adventure (bowling, camping, lagoon). I hope I can do this with my kids one day.