Wednesday, August 5, 2009

And he's off!!

I feel like a horrible mom, because I haven't documented the exact moment that any of my kids have started walking. Partly because I'm not exactly sure when to document it. Is it the actual "first step" or is it when they can take more than a step without falling into the ground, or is it when they are in fact walking? Well, Tanner, Tyler and Jacob all started walking at about 13 months. Jefferson was acting like he'd walk before then, just because he would take a step or two and then fall to the ground, before his first birthday. But to be able to feel like I can actually document that he is in fact walking, I felt that he needed to be able to take more than those first few steps. So, he followed the family pattern and is now walking at just about 13 months. For a while, it was something that he had to be in the mood to show off, but now, he'll get up and just start walking. I think he still prefers crawling to walking, just because he's still picking it up, but I'm sure it will be no time at all and that will change!


The Olsen's said...

Seriously, Jefferson is adorable! Not surprised two always have the cutest babies! We are still in love with Jacob even though he's a "big boy" now! The next time we are in Salt Lake County, we'll have to call you to see if you guys are home. We miss you guys!