Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving FHE

Some days, you just feel that no matter what happens, its going to be a bad day. Sometimes those days go into weeks. These last few days would be like that. For some reason, we just get out of rhythm as a family and it takes a few rough days to get back into that groove. Today, was no exception. We were at my in laws last night talking about an inservice that my mother-in-law is required to attend on dealing with kids who have adhd, Autism, aspergers...Some of the things she was saying sounded really good to try on my kids. Well, this morning, as we were getting ready for school, I told the kids the rules of the discipline game we were going to be trying today. I would ask them once, count for ten seconds, ask them again, wait ten seconds, then tell them their concequence for not obeying. They both understood the rules and we were off. Well, later in the day, after Tyler got home from kindergarten, we got to try it out. She didn't do so well. She lost desert after family home evening. If you know Tyler, you would have thought I just cut a leg off. Next we have this evening with Tanner. I did this for getting him to put his coat and backpack away. He lost deseret after family nigth as well. Our lesson didn't go along with this little lesson we learned during the day, however when it came time to follow up on our agreement, things went down hill. They both started claiming that they have the WORST life. That they never get anything and life isn't fair. Well, I decided to nip this in the bud. So told them, that with Thanksgiving this week, we were going to make a list of all the things we were greatful for. To get our number of items we needed to come up with, Tyson said we should add all our ages together. So with Tyson's 30 years, my 22 years...ok, maybe its 28 years, Tanners 7, Tylers 5 and Jakes 2, we needed to come up with 72. We went around the family and everyone got equal say in our list. Jake of course needed some help otherwise we would have had all the Sesame Street and Barney characters. But without further adeu, our Thanksgiving list.
1. Family 2. Clothes 3. Elmo 4. Jobs 5.House 6. Toys 7. Talents 8. Barney 9. Car to Drive 10. Food to eat 11. Furniture 12.Babybop 13. Frindships 14. Gospel 15. Health 16. Neighbors 17. Shrek 18. TV 19. Piano 20. Education 21. Pictures 22. Turkeys 23. Cartoons 24. Mountains 25. Freedom 26. Night 27. Birds 28. New Toothpaste 29. Humor 30. Challenges 31. Grass 32. Air 33. Blankets 34. Play with kids 35. Church Calling 36. Zoo 37. light 38. Nursery 39. Bring treats home 40. Gym 41. Body 42. Ancestors 43. Child Center 44. Books 45. Good Advice 46. Jewelry 47. Time 48. Water 49. See Tyler Dance 50. Scriptures 51. Music Organizer 52. Teachers 53. Sippy cup lids 54. Dads good looks 55. Internet 56. Butterflies 57. Baseball 58. Wii 59. Music 60. Plumbing 61. Washing Machine 62. Christmas 63. Gas under $2 64. Jesus 65. New Years Resolutions 66. Movies 67. Presents 68. Treats 69. Someone took a chance on me(That would be one of Tyson's) 70. Building Family Memories 71. Princesses and Rainbows 72. Prophet 73. Santa 74. Snow capped Mountains 75. pet crabs 76. Other peoples junk 77. Coupons 78. Disneyland 79. Childrens laughter 80. Guitar 81. piggy back rides to bed

As you can see, we exceeded our added amount of 72. I think they might have gotten the point of this exercise...or maybe not, because they again, started complaining that they never get anything and wanted desert after FHE. Oh well, maybe after doing our Thanksgiving exercise at least ever Thanksgiving, it MIGHT start to make sense...or maybe not until they have kids of their own, but isn't that how it goes.


Connie said...

I get to go to bed with a smile on my face. That was a cute FHE. They'll probably remember it too - and even use it when they have kids of their own.

Shanny said...

I was going to do a Thanksgiving lesson last night as well, but after what happened in Sunbeams on Sunday I thought it best to do our monthly reverence lesson. SORRY! I want you to know we are working with Charlie and trying to teach him how to behave in church hopefully he gets it by the time he goes on his mission.

Heidi Wilcox said...

Wow! great idea, I can't believe you came up with so many! How long did it take to come up with the list?