Monday, October 20, 2008

Painting our Pumpkins

Since we purchased our pumpkins over the weekend, Tyson felt it would only be an appropriate family night activity to decorate them. Jake wanted to paint his to be elmo, but I don't think he knew quite how to translate that thought onto the pumpkin itself. So we got the same end result we do when he colors with crayons...scribbles. But Tyson had fun painting the other side of Jakes pumpkin when he decided he was finished. That time came when I said I was putting Jefferson in the bath. Jake decided to jump in the bath as well. Nevermind the fact that he'd had a bath right before our little activity. The kids loves getting in the bath. If you just mention the word bath, he has his clothes and diaper off before you realise what just happened.
Anyway, so here are a few pictures of our finished products.
Jake telling us he wants to paint elmo
Tyler informing us of her ideas to decorate. Everything had to do with some princess theme.
Tanner posing in dads work shirt...he wore holes in the elbows this last week so Tanner was more than happy to sport it for an art shirt.
Everybody say cheese!
Jake painting Elmo...or something trying to resemble elmo.
Tanner starting his pumpkins face.
Tyler's "princess". It has gold glitter paint so that quilifies it as princess, right?
Jefferson hanging out watching everybody paint. I promise he doesn't live in his bouncer seat, but he does like his seat.
The finished product. The little center one is Jakes elmo.
The finished product again, this time with the center one sporting Tyson's paint job. Its on Jakes pumpkin, just on the other side. Tyson decided to show Jake what he painted on the other side of his pumpkin. To that, Jake said No! Tyson then turned the pumpkin around to Jakes side and to that Jake yelled, Yeah!


Carli said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! Tell Tyson I am so impressed with his ability to paint! He sure did learn a lot in school. Those Beet Diggers sure do know their art!

Challey said...

Emily told me that you guys were talking blogs the other day and mine came up. I have been reading yours and so I am finally leaving a comment. You are just amazing to have it all together so well with your FOUR kids. Wow. Anyway, if you want to read my blog (I will not be offended if not), I just need your email address to send you an invite.
Cute pumpkins!

Jodi and Josh said...

Um... Tyson, Elmo is actually supposed to be red... ha ha!!

It looks like you had fun!!