Sunday, September 7, 2008

Marathon Weekend!

Well, all I have to say about this weekend is I'm glad its over. I swear, we had a million things going on. And as I sit here writing this, Tyson is going over the events of this next week, and it doesn't slow down at all!! Our weekend started Thursday night when all of Tyson's family met at the Residence Inn to kick off our family reunion. We had a bbq and cake, then those who wanted to swim, went swimming and the others either went to bed, or watched Kung Fu Panda. Cute movie by the way. Friday morning, we all woke up and went to breakfast in the loby and headed off to Jordanelle Reservior for some fun on the lake. Our little family ended up taking off a little later. Tanner wanted to go to school so he could keep his 100% attendance record. By the time I got the trailer we were using, and everybody packed, Tyson was home from work and we took off. When we got to Jordanelle, Mckinsie and I got lunch ready and afterwards, Tyson took the kids on the boat and water tube. Jake loved it as did Tanner and Tyler. After they got back to shore, Tyson insisted that I go on te boat and ski. Can I just tell you how cold that water was? Even with a wet suit. Actually it wasn't all that bad, it was getting out of the water that was the bone chiller. It doesn't matter if its 100 degrees or 70 degrees, the wind on a boat still cuts to your center when you're wet. That night we had really good ribs and a fun the fire. Uncle Josh assigned each family a story out of the scriptures. Our family was given Meeshack Shadrack and Abed nego. I know I just killed the spelling and I'm too lazy to get up and look it up, sorry. He had the kids do a fire dance and they had a lot of fun. With a big family, comes lots of cousins. Well, those who were two, had a hard time sitting still for this whole thing, so they were just wondering around. Well, as if we had rehersed it a million times, as Tyson was reading the part in the scriptures where the king was verifying they put three men in the fire, but there seemed to be a fourth, Tyson's niece walked right up and stood by the three kids, looking as though she were the fourth person. It was pretty funny and typing just doesn't do it justice. Tyson, Tyler and Tanner at Jordanelle waiting for dinner.
Tanner, Tyler, and cousin Bailee
I think something about his look here, resembles Bronco Medenhall...maybe its just the BYU hat.

That night, we went to bed, and all froze to death. Word to the wise...never go camping in September in the mountains. We even took a trailer, but I guess I was so stressed and had a million things on my mind when I got the instrucions, that I missed the part about turning the propane on so we could have heat all night. So even those of us in the trailer froze, due to my absent mindedness. Sorry guys!! In the morning, we all woke up to a great fire, thanks Grandpa Lybbert and had breakfast. We packed up camp and headed home.

Once home, it was a race to clean up, head to the store, and get our everything ready for Jefferson's blessing Sunday. Well, that would be great and all, but BYU had to throw a wrench in the day and have a football game at 1pm. Tyson surprised me when he said lets go. I thought for sure he would be worried about getting everything ready. When we got home, our house was clean. Ready for Sunday and we had nothing left to do. My wonderful sister and mom decided to help out and for my birthday came and cleaned my house. They will never know how much I appreciated it. However a part of me is somewhat embarassed that they felt my house was so messy, they needed to come in and fix it...but just a small part of me. Everyone was so tired from the lack of sleep the night before, that we put the kids in bed and they were asleep by 7:30.

Sunday morning, we got up and ready. Tyson and Tanner headed out to do fast offerings at 9:30. They were back home by 10:30 and we headed to church for Jeffersons blessing. Tyson gave a very nice blessing, and after the meeting, we came home to delicious ham and huge baked potatos!! Seriously, these potatos were the size of a small child! Everyone was gone by 1:30 and Tyson headed back to the church to count tithing.

I hate pictures!
He's holding a tent bag around his neck.
Jefferson in thought.
Tyson and Jefferson after his blessing

I'm sitting here at 10pm typing this, wondering why I'm not maximizing the time Jefferson is asleep and going there myself. That's a good question. Good night!


The Tarin Family said...

I just love your family! I can’t believe how fast your kids are growing! Guess that’s what happens when they are born… they continue to grow! I’m glad that you update your blogger, so I can see pictures of what’s going on. Thanks! Love and miss you guys tons!