Saturday, April 17, 2010

Salt Lake City Half Marathon

Before picture
We are now on the other side of our spring time half marathon. The rest of the day is not something I look forward to. Sure, it would be nice to come home and rest and take it easy, nice but unrealistic! With kids, life doesn't stop.
Carli came up and our ride picked us up at 5:45am. We got on trax about 6:15 and were crammed in there like sardines!! Once the race started, we all went our own pace and finished in our own times.
Tyson's time was 1:43:25
Camber's time was 2:00:39
Neither one of us met our goal, but Camber came closest to meeting hers. She wanted to finish under two hours. Guess that means we'll be running again next year.
We owe a HUGE thank you to Grandma Stauffer who came up and brought all three boys to cheer us on through our last mile. Grandpa Stauffer even rode his bike up to watch. Nothing is better than seeing a familiar cheering face as you round your last corner to a very long race!! Oddly enough, its somewhat emotional, for a reason I can't explain.
We also owe our great friend Becky our life for helping out with Tyler and her soccer game! Even though it would have been possible to take her and make it, our legs would have come off and clubbed us in the heads after 13.1 miles. THANK YOU BECKY!!!
Now that we're done with the race, next stop...HAWAII!! I'll post pictures when we get back. It's going to be great!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not Fast Enough

Apparently, we weren't fast enough for Jefferson, and he decided to take matters into his own hands.
Don't stand between him and his bath time.

The other day, he had already had a bath and was walking around in his diaper. I was getting ready to get in the shower, and he came in wanting to take a shower too. I told him no, he'd already had a bath. That was the end of that. Next thing I know, Tyson's yelling to me from the other room asking if I put Jefferson in the bath. (Jake was still in the bath from before.) I told him no, and was his diaper off. He responded that he couldn't find a diaper anywhere, then checked on Jefferson in the bath and found his diaper still on. We're going to have to watch this boy!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Summer Projects

I might be getting a little ahead of the seasons, especially since we woke up to four inches of snow on the ground today, but I think I want to take on some of these fun summer projects this year. Maybe come up with something fun to put in the back of my family room. I'm excited!!
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